Conveyor Components

Our components are made to last. Expect fast delivery – we have over 500 components in stock. Count on our experts to find the perfect fit and solution.

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Impact Rollers

Our impact rollers are designed to absorb and reduce impact loads on rollers and belts.

Return rollers

Our return rollers are equipped with spaced rubber discs to prevent conveyed material from caking on the roller, and wear on the carrying side of the belt.

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MOTOMAX Belt Brush

MOTOMAX Belt brush is a tertiary belt cleaner for light and medium duty applications.

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ES5 Emergency Stop Switch

The pull cord emergency switch, ES5, is suitable for hard conditions and when cord break-downs must be detected.

ES10 Rotation Detector

Rotation detector stops the belt conveyor when the speed lowers under the nominated minimun speed.

ES20 Belt Misalignment Switch

The purpose of the belt misalignment switch is to give a warning or/and stop the belt conveyor when the belt has moved too much sideways.

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