By servicing the equipment of our customers we prolong its lifetime and reduce the need of producing new equipment.

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ROXON recognizes the importance of environmental efficiency and the need for carbon free technologies. There is a constant demand for environmentally friendly equipment and effective industrial processes in our client base. For this reason, the company commits to reduce our carbon emissions by 50% by the first half of 2035.

Roller Production

ROXON produces high quality conveyor idlers at the Hollola factory in Finland. The idlers use high quality bearings and lubrication to reduce friction and indirectly reduce the carbon emissions of our clients. Idler production has no direct CO2 emissions as its energy consumption is calculated in the indirect emissions section as outsourced energy at the Hollola factory.

Carbon Free Steel in ROXDUR

The casting process is done in Sweden and is based merely on renewable energy sources like wind and hydropower. This is the most environmentally friendly production method currently in place. In average only 72 kg of CO2 is being consumed per ton produced goods. This to be compared with foundries worldwide where the emissions are between 5 up to 20 times higher.

Downstream emissions savings with ROXDUR and HX

For ROXDUR these apply for new material savings, reducing the consumption of the wear materials, for example less production, saving material, etc. This is the result of the durability of ROXDUR which enables a minimum consumption of wear protection annually makes it the best alternative available on the market today with the lowest environmental impact.  

For HX270 and HX170 this is directly related to the belt savings. This is due to how the efficient maintenance actions done after identifying the damage on belts and having a direct impact on the consumption of raw materials in belt production.

Lifecycle Actions

  • Manufacturing of equipment and components using carbon free electricity. 
  • Wear protection with lasting impact.
  • Downstream CO2 emissions savings due to the manufacturing and operations of the global products.
  • Prolonging lifetime of equipment with experienced service work. 

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