Belt condition monitoring

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Presenting ROXON’s Belt Condition Monitoring Systems, designed to detect all damages that happen to the surface of conveyor belts avoiding production loss and ensuring safety.


  • Max belt width is 2400 mm and speed up to 10 m/s.
  • Monitors both material and clean side of belt via 2 separate modules.
  • Both modules can be installed independently.
  • Ideal for longer conveyors that are critical for production.
  • Belt thickness monitoring can be optionally integrated.


  • Max belt width is 1600 mm per sensor and speed up to 10 m/s.
  • Monitors material side of belt.
  • For wider belts several sensors can be installed parallel.
  • Belt wear monitoring integration.
  • Compact package designed with adaptability in mind.
  • Robust design with vibration dampening.
  • Easy installation.

Belt Thickness Monitoring

Submillimeter precision belt thickness measurement for belt lifetime prediction of each belt segment. The technology is implemented in unique way for harsh conditions. It is highly resistant to dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental condition variations with minimal service needed.

Made for Extreme Conditions

ROXON’s Belt Condition Monitoring Systems are designed to work on the toughest conditions and is suitable for all flat conveyor belts. Steel cord and fabric belts in mines, ports, steel mills, energy plants and other installations.

Automatic System

HX automatically adapts to your conveyor operation and belt condition without user intervention. The system senses the belt movement with pulley rotation sensors and the belt damages are positioned in respect to a fixed reference point on the belt.

HX is an intelligent system, it automatically records the existing belt damage and alerts you when new damage occurs or existing damage is getting worse. When your belt condition becomes critical, HX stops the conveyor immediately.

HX has the best reaction time for belt damage detection on the market. The bottom cover of the belt is monitored right after the loading chute where the belt rips and other bottom cover damage is detected. The top cover is monitored right after the conveyor unloading where the top cover damages are detected and the belt thickness is measured.

The belt damage and the wear data are stored in a database. Users can easily obtain physical access to inspect and repair the damage with a couple of mouse clicks and automated conveyor control. The belt is driven with full speed to a position where the damage is at pre-defined belt repair station.

Keep Your Belt and Business Safe

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