HH100 Loading Hopper

HH100 Loading Hopper is standardized for receiving material from a grab crane at ports and stock yards.

Fit to Purpose

HH100 Loading Hopper can be fed with grab crane or vessel ́s own discharge boom. Loading Hopper is equipped with an adjustable hatch that discharges the material onto a truck or a fixed port conveyor.

Optional Movability

HH100 Loading Hopper can be easily relocated by towing if equipped with optional hydraulically liftable rubber wheels. Travel drive can also be added for better maneuverability.

Designed with Safety in Mind

HH100 Loading Hopper is equipped with service platforms for main access points. Dust suppression units can be maintained from the upper service platform. Lower platform allows access to telescopic chute and discharge unit.

Key Specification

Capacityt/h200 – 3000
Hopper Volumem330 – 100
Hopper Openingm4.0 – 12
Hopper Wall Inclinationdeg45 – 70
Belt Feeder Length, C-Cm4 – 8
Belt Widthmm800 – 1600
Discharge Height, Belt Feederm1.0 – 7.0

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