HE400 Portal Scraper Reclaimer

HE400 Portal Scraper Reclaimer is standardized for reclaiming different kind of bulk materials from stockpile to belt conveyor. Applications vary from mines and ports to power plants or other stockyards. HE400 Reclaimer is designed according to F.E.M Sec II.

Flexibility for Reclaiming

HE400 Portal Scraper Reclaimer has no capacity limit. Size and shape of stockpile, type of material, need for homogenization and stockpile location are factors to be used in selection of Reclaimer.

Designed with Safety in Mind

HE400 Reclaimer is equipped with electrical and mechanical safety devices to protect operators and structures. Reclaimer is supplied according to European Machine Directive.

PLC for Automatic Operation

HE400 Reclaimer is equipped with its own MCC/PLC and HMI, thus enabling fully automatic reclaiming and ensuring maximum 24/7 performance.

Key Specifications

Capacity (1.7 t/m3)No limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
Rail Span30363645455454
Stockpile Width26.632.532.541.
Power Installed, Total165180280355480565680
Power Supply

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