Reduce Maintenance Requirements with ROXDUR Wear Resistant Technology

In any industry with heavy machinery, there is an inevitable conflict between the processed materials and the machines capacity to withstand high volumes. The mining industry encounters this conflict more so than any other; breaking, excavating, hauling and transporting some of the Earth’s strongest raw material.

The sheer mass of this material is enough to create expensive maintenance requirements and even more damaging, can create unplanned downtime that halts mine site production and consequently reduces profitability. So how do mining companies protect their equipment against wear and abrasion?


Wear material and impact absorption technology play a key role in the fight against abrasion, the premise being to ‘fight hard material with even harder wear protection’. The aim is to extend the life of machinery by adding coats of wear protection that act as armour against raw materials.

These layers of armour face the strongest points of abrasion and are replaced when they no longer create resistance. Whilst they may provide short term costs, they provide a long-term alternative that proves to be cost-effective when comparing the price of replacing entire machines/equipment.


A study by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland revealed that 40% of the consumed energy in mineral mining worldwide, is used to overcome friction with an additional 17% used to remanufacture and replace worn out parts, or stock spare parts. That equates to an estimated 210 000 million euros of economic loss as a direct result of wear, every year. New technology designed to create harder, more effective wear resistance is expected to reduce this financial outpour by 30% in the long term, proving that wear material has a permanent place in the mining industry.


As the necessity to integrate wear material on-site becomes increasingly apparent, ROXON’s engineering team have combined industry knowledge and research to create a unique material that promises to deliver an armour of extreme hardness to combat against machine damage. Layers of cemented carbide are combined into an iron matrix to deliver a metallurgical bond capable of withstanding the highest levels of impact. A range of products has been designed to integrate into any application, specifically in areas with limited access.


To reduce financial loss mining companies must continue to respond and protect against wear and abrasion by incorporating the newest, and hardest wear resistance technology. ROXDUR’s newest iron matrix carbide is proven to provide up 20x longer wear life for machinery, to increase profitability and reducing maintenance requirements.

ROXDUR Product Manager Oskar Larsson adds ‘the largest asset in any company is there ability to create efficient, cost-effective solutions – ROXDUR provides the leading answer in addressing machine wear, delivering a return on investment far greater than previously seen by alternative products’.

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