How to Protect Equipment against Wear and Abrasion

The bulk materials handling industry faces some unique challenges due to the nature of its operations. The equipment and systems used to process materials face some of the harshest environments in the world.

Crushers, conveyors, and feeders transport and process some of the Earth’s hardest materials, creating an inevitable issue around wear and abrasion. These materials wear away at parts and overtime can cause unscheduled downtime and increased maintenance costs.

So, how do we protect equipment against abrasion?

ROXON has developed ROXDUR, a unique wear solution suitable for heavy duty mining environments.

ROXDUR combines cemented carbide and an iron matrix to create a high-quality metallurgical bond that produces multiple layers of high-density carbide, which helps to protect mining equipment from wear and abrasion.

It combines the durable, but relatively brittle cemented carbide with some toughness to get the best of both worlds in a whole new material.

The product line includes chute liners, abrasion-resistant steel plates, edge liners and custom-made solutions.

In a recent iron ore installation, ROXDUR wear plates were used to reduce the abrasion on a primary crusher, which had previously used competitors wear plates, which only lasted 21 days. ROXDUR was still in operation after 64 weeks, proving to have a 95% longer wear life than the competitor.

ROXDUR provides a long-term solution. ROXDUR can significantly increase the time between shutdowns meaning more tons for less.

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